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Burn Day Information

Yard Debris Burning Seasons By Location:

City of Forest Grove - Yard debris burning is open from March 1 to June 15

City of Cornelius - Yard debris burning is not allowed

City of Gaston - Yard debris burning is allowed from March 1 to June 15, and from October 1 to December 15

Rural Areas - Yard debris burning is allowed from March 1 to June 15, and from October 1 to December 15

Burning is allowed day to day during the seasons listed above, and based on the Oregon DEQ requirements.


Yard Debris Burning Rules:

- Locate your burn pile well away from fences, trees, brush, structures, or property lines

- Have a garden hose and shovel ready, attend to your burn pile at all times

- Only burn yard debris!  Things like household waste, construction materials, and plastics are never allowed.

- Soak your burn pile when you are done, stir the wet debris up until steam no longer comes from them, and soak them again.


Agricultural Debris Burning

In order to be considered agricultural burning, the fire must be conducted to remove the debris from a for profit agricultural operation.  Just because you live in a rural area, doesn't automatically allow you to burn during agricultural burn season.  This type of burning is allowed outside of high fire danger times, but typically January 1 to June 15, and October 1 to December 31 (these dates are subject to change based on fire danger conditions).  


Recreational Fires

Small fires for cooking, warming, or recreation are allowed throughout the year, but are subject to red flag days and specific no burning conditions.  These must remain small, be attended at all times, located away from where they will spread, and be put completely out when done.  Only clean and dry wood or charcoal is allowed to burn in these types of fires, no garbage or household waste may be burned at any time.  

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